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We Want To Work Ourselves Out Of A Job

After years of dedicated learning and skill development, we sought to offer patients all that we have uncovered without the need for a $250 appointment. Our mission became to provide simple at-home methods for anyone to quickly gauge their own health and make immediate changes for less than $50.

The VoiceWise Biometry Report was brought to life utilizing a voice spectral analysis software (patented for 15+ years). After presenting the report to our community, we realized the best way for individuals to MASTER these health habits was through interactive and immersive mentorship.

As a result, we decided to include 2 Health Masterclasses (Live Online) + Access to Future Speaker Nights.

Health Masterclass breakdown

-dr michelle

Dr matthew-

  • 0-5 Minutes: Inspiring words and friendly banter
  • 5-15 Minutes: Discover new insights into your organs weekly, beyond traditional anatomy
  • 15-40 Minutes: How to read and apply the results of your VoiceWise Report [Click Here To Learn About This At Home Method
  • 40+ Minutes:  Open Q&A with NDs, who do not leave until all questions are answered!

Step 1: Take Charge of Your Wellness - Change Your Water TEMPERATURE

  • Heat Water
    Boil high-quality water (distilled or reverse osmosis) in a glass or stainless steel kettle.
  • Half & Half
    Mix half a cup of boiling water with half a cup of room temperature water for immediate drinking, like a morning hug from the inside
  • Note From The Doctors
    When Dr Michelle was working in China, all her co-workers began each day with 2 mugs of plain warm-to-hot water. Not tea, not with lemon, just water. This helps flush the lymphatic system, open up digestion, and stimulate the metabolism first thing each morning.

Your At Home Method For

Mastering Your Well-Being

The VoiceWise Biometry Report harnesses the power of advanced voice-analysis technology, along with our years of experience with Regulation Point Thermography, Heavy Metal Testing, Cardiovascular and Stress Testing, Blood Panels, Chinese Tongue Analysis, Nutritional Assessments, and more.

We run over 1,100 biometric data points through our computational blueprint in order to reveal all aspects of dysfunction and reveal root cause imbalances.

We assess Physical and Emotional Factors within:

5 Pillars Of Health

  •  Oxygenation, Hydration, Mouth, Nutrition, Emotions

10 Body Systems

  •  pH Regulation, Nervous, Hormone, Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Musculo-Skeletal, Immune, Digestive, Skin, Hair, and Nails, and Respiratory

32+ Organs

  •  Adrenals, Appendix, Bone Health, Brain, Chest/Breast, Circulation, Cranium, Diaphragm, Esophagus, Eyes, Gallbladder, Heart, Kidneys, knees, Large Intestines, Liver, Lungs, Lymph, Mouth, Muscle Health, Pancreas, Pineal, Prostate/Uterus, Sinuses, Skeleton, Skin Health, Small Intestines, Spine, Spleen, Stomach, Testicles/Ovaries, Thymus, Thyroid, and Tonsils

Embedded Solutions:

In your report are targeted recommendations from Naturopathic Doctors based on the findings of your results. Every week we add to our 100+ natural solutions list by uploading new step-by-step documents and videos that support your chief concerns. Lifetime access to all resources are included with each report. 

voicewise report

-71 yr old female-

"I'm so impressed with the VoiceWise Analysis. We were camping with friends. I knew we were dehydrated and I knew my liver was having issues. When our Reports came back with the pillars showing hydration as the most important for both of us and liver twice for me, I thought, 'my goodness, these reports are telling on us' which made me believe in them even more. It just reinforced the importance of hydration. These reports are amazing. Now that we are home, we are on top of drinking our water."

Step 2: Take Charge of Your Wellness - Change Your Water VOLUME

  • Drink 80+ oz of Water Daily
    Prior to the age of 18, you need to drink at least 1/2 your body weight in water. This changes AFTER the age of 18. Mayo Clinic research indicates adults need 80 oz. of water daily for bodily functions, including brain function. For example, the large intestines need 32 oz a day to function. The lungs exhale 14 oz of water every day.
  • Even 1% dehydration can lead to a 5% decrease in cognitive function.
  • If you are drinking less than 80 oz, it’s extremely difficult for your body to stay in balance.

Our Steps Mark Your Horizon

To Becoming A MASTER

Toward the end of my second year in the health field, I decided it was time to reverse my medication dependence and start mastering my own well-being. In 9 weeks I was free from all childhood asthma, allergies, off all ADHD and thyroid medications, and testing revealed completely normalized kidney and thyroid function. I did all of this using natural methods like hot water, steamed vegetables, plant stem cells, relaxing my mind and changing my perspectives. 

- Dr Michelle's Personal case study

Step 3: Take Charge of Your Wellness - Change Your Water QUALITY

  • "Quality" Isn't What You Might Think
    In steps 1 & 2, you changed the temperature and volume of your water. Now we want to use water to heal the spirit as well. You can change the quality of water by writing intentions, affirmations, or prayer and placing them underneath your water glass overnight and drink it in the morning. This is because each molecule of water holds 440,000 compartments for storing memory. (yes, FROZEN got it right)
  • Prayer was found to be able to rebalance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, influence the immune system, and change the blood content and blood circulation.
  • The Proof Is In The Prayer
    Scientific Studies Revealing The Power Of Prayer: CLICK HERE

Ready To Take Control Of Dis-Ease And 

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You live in your body 24/7, which means you know it better than anyone else ever could. Let us guide you toward a better understanding of your body's own healing cycles. All while supporting and loving you through every step of the process!