In The Beginning

I wasn’t the healthiest kid growing up. I was sick to my stomach frequently, and regularly prescribed antibiotics. My mom said I would occasionally throw up for no reason and then be fine the rest of the day. 

I loved athletics but they were challenging. I needed an emergency inhaler constantly for my Asthma. During summer track practice, I found myself puffing on my inhaler during water breaks, feeling like a wimp as my younger brother lapped me, tired of the burning in my chest and the inability to catch my breath, just wanting practice to be over. 

My acne came on full force during my pre-teen years, and was so severe that my insurance paid for microdermabrasion treatments. Even the harsh medicated creams and the scraping in the dermatologist office didn’t relieve the pock-marked appearance. It made me extremely self conscious. It didn’t help that I was already a band nerd. 

My allergies were so severe that I needed allergy shots bi-weekly from 8th grade through college. I couldn’t sit on the grass without getting a skin rash, I couldn’t have any pets, and exposure to dust left me coughing or wheezing all day.

Teen Years To Adulthood

My ADHD was diagnosed late, and during my sophomore year of college I was put on the highest legal daily dose of ADHD medication available. As a result, I traded better test scores for years of insomnia, neck pain, and stomach issues. 

By the time I was in my late 20s, I experienced lethargy and rapid weight gain. After some testing it was determined that I had Hypothyroidism and Thyroid medication was added to my daily routine. 

While living in China during my early 20s, I realized they focused on ways to prevent getting sick rather than treating symptoms with bandaid-solutions as they were “diagnosed.” I had been thinking about that a lot, and getting put on Thyroid medication was the last straw for me. 

I was so sick and tired, of being sick and tired, and I decided that medication dependance was NOT going to be my story. 

I tried some different things here and there, but finally, in my early 30s, I got serious about it. 

That Decision Changed EVERYTHING 

I spent 9 weeks eating nothing but steamed vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started drinking hot water all day every day (just like my Chinese co-workers had always done). I added in plant stem cells sourced from Italy. I evaluated what nutrients I needed more of and included trace minerals, B vitamins, and high amounts of vitamin C. I created my own natural ADHD formula, sourcing 8 herbs from around the world that could help restore the brain functions I felt were damaged from 12 years of medication use, and used that formula to wean myself off my ADHD medication. 

I started journaling, unraveling my emotions with paper and pen, releasing years of feelings that I had been hiding from myself. 

I Truly Started To Think ABout Health And Myself Differently

After 9 weeks, as a result of all my hard work, I was off ALL my ADHD and thyroid medications. My brain was working better than ever even after I stopped taking the herbal ADHD replacement formula. All my thyroid testing came back completely normal and have remained normal ever since. I had NO more allergies and now I don’t think twice about laying in the grass or letting our rescue dog sleep in the bed. I had NO more asthma (which I was told could not be cured…) and it’s been over 6 years since I’ve used an inhaler (after being tethered to one for most of my life). 

Even now, in my late 30s, my skin is clear and my body feels much stronger than it did when I was a decade younger. 

After guiding myself through this journey, I felt confident that I could guide others through theirs as well so I worked in several clinics while going back to school to complete my Health Coaching Certification, Life Coaching Certification, HMBA, and finally getting my degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy. Over a year ago, my husband (who is also an ND!) and I opened our own telemedicine practice - Doctor Me and You. Now we get to spend our time helping others in our own unique way! 

I am extremely passionate about teaching everything I continue to learn, and still get excited and giggly every time I get teach our community a new golden nugget of information that helps them to get better sleep, or get rid of skin issues, or have better digestion - anything that helps improve their quality of life. 

I will never ask anyone to do anything I am unwilling to do myself (or haven’t done for myself already!), and I endeavor to cheer them on every step of the way! This body and mind of ours is truly miraculous and is capable of miraculous things - total healing included.

The best part is, you don’t have to change everything all at once like I did. Even starting with changing the water you drink is enough to make incredibly positive impacts to your body.

So that’s my story. 

If you are looking to change your story and want someone to love, support, and guide you along the way, I’d love to help! 

From my heart to yours, 

Dr Michelle

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