Congratulations! A VoiceWise Comprehensive Biometry Report is an easy at-home way to transform your health with just your voice.

Your voice is like a thumbprint of your brainwaves - unique to you - and this VoiceWise analysis turns that information into a 6-page report that reveals which organs and systems in the body are out of balance and in need of extra support. It also includes action steps and clickable links to 50+ resources that teach you how to understand your personal health needs better, while offering easy, at-home solutions to achieve your health goals.

Understand what is happening with your body and how you can help it heal easily and naturally at home.

VoiceWise Report: 

  • completed from your phone, takes less than 5 minutes 
  • analyzes over 1,100 individual data points
  • uses your own voice to identify imbalances in your body
  • identifies both physical and emotional influences on health
  • assesses 5 pillars of health (oxygen, hydration, nutrition, mouth, emotions)
  • assesses 10 major systems (immune, hormone, skeletal, circulation, etc.)
  • assesses 34 unique organs/systems (adrenals, liver, kidney, pancreas, etc.)
  • clickable resources with easy natural solutions provided alongside your results


Access to 2 live webinars included with your report purchase. After teaching you how to read your report, the Docs will hang out and answer questions. This helps us all exchange ideas and remedies and solutions. We love fostering a community of self-healers! Keep an eye on your email for you zoom invites.

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