My Proven 30 Days Method To Experience True Fitness Freedom (Even If You Already Invest A Lot Of Money and Time Into Fitness And Health)


...who dreams of someday becoming a a perfect specimen. Currently, you're focused on being able to work out and, ultimately, you really want to not have to wait days to recover from a workout.

However, right this minute you would be ecstatic if you could work out longer, recover less, and tone your body more. But unfortunately, you still must figure out how to supercharge the oxygen in the body and absorb the supplements you are taking to really get the results you want.

Recovery takes too long.

You're also probably really frustrated by the fact that the recovery takes longer than you would like.

I know how that feels because I've been there myself... lots of times!

In fact, I struggled for a long time trying to answer this one question: "Can I cut my recovery time in half?"

Can I Cut My Recovery Time in Half?

Chances are you've also struggled with this, and fortunately I have already invested a lot of money into fitness recovery, so you don’t have to!

When all is said and done, you just want to experience true fitness freedom without having to wait days for your body to recover.

Oh, and the icing on the cake would be if you could see results in as little as 30 days!

If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I'd like to invite you to check out...

The AVACEN makes it easy for you to experience true fitness freedom WITHOUT having to wait days for your body to recover.

You’re gonna LOVE this! Here’s just a taste of what you get with an AVACEN - Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device…

  • Makes it easy to be able to work out longer!
  • Bypass having to wait days for your body to recover.
  • Increase the oxygenation of your blood and improve microcirculation.
  • Improve nutrient absorption to get more out of your supplements.
  • Quit freaking out about workout recovery - Forever!

Now, that's a tall promise, and at this point you might be asking...How does it work?



Imagine the benefits of an infrared sauna + a hyperbaric oxygen session, without the clothing changes, sweating, and inconvenience of having to leave the house!
You just slip your hand into an AVACEN and press the start button. The patented cuff will seal the area and the warming plate gently increases the temperature of the blood. As this happens, additional oxygen is also produced.


Work at your desk, watch a movie, or sip your morning coffee--it's that easy! This device is often used for post-surgery recovery with incredible results, making it an incredible tool for athletes at all levels of fitness and recovery goals.  


Once the cuff releases at the end of the timed session all the clean, warm blood flows back throughout the body, taking nutrients and oxygen to where it is needed most, truly maximizing whole body recovery after even the most intense workouts!

Did you know that increasing your core body temperature by just 1 single degree can boost your immune system by 15%?

By working on the circulation, a critical system that literally goes everywhere in the body, the AVACEN Medical Device also provides other complementary health benefits such as:

  • Encourages better and deeper sleep
  • Offers temporary pain relief
  • Cleanses the body by eliminating toxins
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Increases nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Cleans, tones, and tightens the skin
  • Reduces body aging

This means that in addition to improving your post workout recovery, you are receiving numerous other health benefits just by using your AVACEN!

And did I mention you can do it while hanging out on your couch or while on a working Zoom call?

Yup, it’s that easy.  


AVACEN Device ($3290 Value)

This FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device with over 4000 computer instructions and multiple sensors regulating what is occurring in the palm of your hand, never allowing it to overheat. Over 12 million safe treatments have been experienced with ZERO adverse events reported.

25 AVACEN Approved Mitts ($20 Value)

One mitt should last a single user 2-3 months under normal twice daily use. This is to be used with the machine. A package of 25 mitts should last one user at least 4 years or 2 years for two users. Or you can share it with friends and family. Mitts should only be reused by the same person.

3-Year Warranty on Device ($1495 Value)

You want to make sure that your investment in your health lasts and so do we. If your device is not working properly, it will be covered under warranty for 3 years after purchase.

100% RISK Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Priceless Value)

This Guarantee allows you to try out the machine for 30 days with no risk. Experience the impact this device will have on your health for yourself. If you decide it’s not for you, just return it within 30 days for your money back, no questions asked.

Free Shipping ($50 Value)

We cover the shipping costs for all devices shipped within the United States.

Telemedicine Appointment with a Doctor ($700 Value)

Super charge your AVACEN experience. This is an actual telemedicine appointment with one of our talented Doctors who will create a custom protocol for you based on your history and goals, including how to get the most out of your AVACEN. No new patient fees or consultation fee or appointment fee required, we are including this telemedicine appointment and individual recommendations with the purchase of your AVACEN.

Post-Workout Customized Action Plan ($90 Value)

We will provide you individualized action plan that will give you guidance on supplementation, AVACEN use, diet recommendation, water quality and how much to drink, dental recommendation, and how to create easy at home remedies if need be. See sample plan.

1-Year Discount (10%) Membership for ALL Medical Devices ($425 Value)

Get 10% off on any of the great products we offer here at Healing House Doctor for an entire year.

Total Value: $6,070
But today, you're getting all of this...
FOR ONLY: $3290


Money Back Guarantee

30 day unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If The "AVACEN - Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement" FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device doesn't help improve your post workout recovery... if it doesn't provide improvements to your daily quality of life... and if it fails to help you experience true workout recovery freedom without having to take medications or natural supplements... then I don't want your money. We'll give it all back - no questions asked - no hard feelings!


Supercharge Oxygen, Circulation And Flow Of Nutrients Throughout The Body To Enhance Whole Body Recovery In 30 Days - Guaranteed! (Even If You Have Already Invested A Lot Of Money Into Fitness And Health)

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to…

  • Not Have To Wait To Recover From A Workout
  • Feel Amazing All The Time
  • Be Able To Work Out Longer
  • Be Able To Work Out More Frequently
  • Recover Quickly From Intense Work Outs
  • Supercharge The Oxygen In The Body
  • Supercharges the Flow Of Nutrients Throughout The Body To Enhance Everything Being Taken
  • Experience True Fitness Freedom
  • Do It All Without Having To Wait Days For Your Body To Recover
  • ... and Much, MUCH More!

Claim Your Access to AVACEN Right Now


  • AVACEN Device ($3290 Value)
  • AVACEN 3-year Warranty Device ($1495 Value)
  • 100% RISK Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Priceless Value)
  • Free Shipping ($50 Value)
  • Telemedicine Appointment with a Doctor ($700 Value)
  • Customized Action Plan for Diabetes ($90 Value)
  • 1-Year Discount (10%) Membership For ALL Medical Devices ($425 Value)

Total Value: $6070
But today, you're getting all of this...
FOR ONLY: $3290

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AVACEN - Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement is worth MORE than $3290. This special price of $3290 is a "Buy it NOW before it's gone" offer... so act fast!


Face it. Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who's "been there and done that" when it comes to being able to work out. That’s why we include a personalized protocol created by a doctor to maximize your workout recovery and results! Get this FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device NOW and you can experience true fitness freedom in as little as 30 days.

AVACEN - Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement is your key to not have to wait to recover from a workout, be able to work out longer, supercharge the oxygen in the body, and supercharge the flow of nutrients throughout the body to enhance everything you take and do...

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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