What Are Frequencies?

The basic premise is that everything is in a natural state of vibration.

In the field of Physics, Fritz-Albert Popp and his colleagues constructed a device which measured the Electro-magnetic energy radiating from the body cells. They showed that all cells of the body possess a resonant frequency of emitted Electro-magnetic waves, and that each of these was capable of communicating with other cells using different wave lengths.

“I felt like I was coming down with something, and in my app playlist that week it included lots of cold, flu and infection remedy frequencies. After just a few hours of having it running, I felt back to normal and didn’t end up getting sick, even though several of my coworkers did.” 

-30 yr old female

Even Thoughts And Emotions Have A Vibration

In nature, everything has a vibration. If you’ve taken a chemistry class you probably remember learning that everything is made up of atoms. These atoms are in a constant state of motion. Sound is also a vibration, as are your thoughts and emotions.

We ARE Frequencies!

Everything we know and understand has a vibrational frequency measured in Hertz (Hz).

Royal Rife, Paul Nogier and Jack Swartz were the original pioneers of frequency medicine. They dedicated their lives to discovering the frequencies that correspond to such things as: various diseases, bacteria, viruses and other disorders.

Energy Medicine, however, views the body as an electrical circuit, comprised of electrical parameters; for example, voltage, amperage and resistance. When the body becomes unbalanced, this is because of a “short circuit”. By applying the correct electrical stimuli, we can jump start the body to begin its own innate or natural healing process.

What is Frequency Medicine?

Dr. Paul Nogier was a research scientist and physician that discovered when normal resonance or frequency of a cell is out of balance, disease occurs. By repeatedly exposing the damaged cells to their correct resonance frequency, rapid healing occurs. This is frequency medicine.

The roots of Energy Medicine date back to Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and other ancient healing disciples. Unfortunately, modern, allopathic medicine all too readily discounts the validity of these approaches because of the inability to replicate results in a scientific setting. Isn’t it interesting that Aristarchus of Samos had determined that the earth revolved around the sun and calculated the approximate distance between the 2 bodies around 250 BC, some 1900 years before Galileo made his noteworthy discovery? The invention of the telescope in 1608 was needed to validate Aristarchus’s work. Though the church diligently suppressed Galileo’s discoveries, the clerics eventually had to yield to the evidence that was finally plainly observable by telescope.

We Use Genius Insight – What is it?

The Genius Insight Quantum Biofeedback App analyzes your body using voice spectral analysis to determine specific stressors in your body. Identify hormonal imbalances, viruses, bacteria, and pathogenic activity. Review spinal energy flow, electro-acupuncture, aura analysis, and more. Select from thousands of energetic signatures and frequencies to help stimulate your body’s own innate healing ability.

The cornerstone of the Genius Insight app and many of our other apps is an extension of sound research. We know that electrons are always moving and vibrating. As stated earlier, everything in the physical, mental and emotional realm is in a constant state of vibration. Therefore, everything is a frequency, all resonating at varying speeds. All matter including herbs, pharmaceuticals, and even food, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can be measured from a frequency perspective. This science is called Bio-Resonance and is based upon Energy Medicine principles. Using these principles to help balance the human Bio-Field, requires that you alter the frequency patterns of the individual with either Light, Sound or, an Electro-magnetic level.

Genius Insight – How does it work?

The Genius Insight uses your voice signature like a thumbprint to perform its analysis and deliver customized remedy frequencies straight to you.

How does this work?

Speech is a complex process within the body. For speech to occur, there is communication between the brain and various organ systems. The end result is a vibration of frequencies known as your voice. We now know that your voice may change according to your mind body and spiritual state of being.

Genius Insight – App vs Remote Deep Dives

Genius Insight Experiences

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